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Seeking Full Time BUDGET ANALYST.

BUDGET ANALYST  Responsible for periodic design of business budget for spending during the coming period.  Based on broad outlines of business direction from management, assembles necessary data on anticipated benefits of management initiatives using internal sources and general industry information, to be integrated into proposed budgets.  Based on reasonable assumptions for projected operational costs, proposes modification of pricing structure for company services from time to time to maximize potential growth and profitability.  Analyzes management proposals for growth and expansion of service offerings, focusing on capital acquisitions, personnel costs, and the effect of regional market conditions on prospects for success.  Includes assessment of options for financing, and preparation of packages to seek external financing.  Develops specific budgets for marketing projects including event participation, sponsorships, free and paid publicity.  Uses periodic profit-loss statements and other reported data to evaluate relative success of initiatives and need for modification of budgets.  May interface with outside accountant.  Management reports may include preparation of charts and graphs where appropriate.

Requirements:  Bachelor’s in Finance plus 1 yr exp. in job offered, OR Master’s in Finance.

Jobsite: 201 S. Biscayne Blvd., Suite 2812, Miami, FL 33131. Send resume to: